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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Create a hidden folder in Linux using terminal

Now let me discuss how to make a hidden folder in your Linux system using simple command. This can be considered as the application part of the previous blogs about handling files and folders.

open up command terminal :

step 1 : make a folder using mkdir command

     mkdir myfolder

step 2: Use mv command

     mv  myfolder  .myfolder

Enough there is a hidden folder created inside your home directory. You can also make existing folders with mv command as specified in step 2. You need to just change the folder name only :)

Handling Folders and Files with Linux command Line -Final Part

Now remaining are just 2 operations .Copying and moving files and folders.You can copy a file using cp command
Inorder to copy a file to a destination we can use cp command.usage is listed as follows: 
   cp  <file to copy >  <destination>
Moving Files or folders with mv command. 
   mv  <source file >  <destination>
Now you can handle your files and folders easily.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Draw and paint in Linux

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